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We appreciate your time in reading this page. We are in need of financial assistance to continue with our apostolate here in the Twin Cities area. We have a church, school, and convent. We have outgrown our facility and need to expand.

[1] We have 10 Sisters at our location who teach at our school. They need a larger convent in order to accommodate them. If you can help with this, please donate.

[2] We purchased a house adjacent to the church property.  Currently, it has 5 bedrooms and and a work-room.  We plan to add an additon of 5 more bedrooms for the new convent in the Summer of 2019 to accomodate all of the Sisters.

[3] Maintaining a church and school is costly. Any amount that you would care to donate would be greatly appreciated.

[4] Scroll down to see the donation links.  You can make either a one-time donation or recurring donation.

[5] Slide show photos of the Sisters at bottom of page.



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Back in 1988 we had the good fortune to purchase the property here in White Bear Lake, Minnesota to be used as a church and school for our little parish. We were blessed in 2003 to have several Sisters from the Daughters of Mary Mother of Our Savior Congregation of Sisters to teach at our school. Currently, we have 10 Sisters living in a tiny convent. They have outgrown their living quarters and are in desperate need of a new and larger convent.

Fortunately, there is a house for sale adjacent to the Academy that would suit their needs. Our goal is to raise at least $150,000 to accomplish this task.

Presently, the 10 Sisters are living in a few small rooms attached to the school. There is not enough space for all the Sisters to have their own rooms; bunk beds are used; others spend the night in their classrooms in temporary makeshift bedrooms. The dining room is not large enough for them to eat their meals together.

The Sisters teach grades 1-12 at the Academy in White Bear Lake. They strive to instill love of God, country, family in the hearts of the children. St. Anne’s Academy is one of the few traditional Catholic schools in the country that teaches the traditional Catholic Faith based on the Baltimore Catechism, adhering to the traditional Latin Mass, and objective standard of morality.

Please help us if you can. These wonderful Sisters dedicate their lives to the love and service of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and salvation of souls. They spend their days in works of charity; teaching children, visiting the sick, assisting the dying, and praying for the living and the dead. The Sisters do pray the Rosary for their benefactors every day and are most grateful for your generosity.

God bless you and please donate.


Below is a slideshow of the Sisters and school children.  The slideshow should start automatically. You may advance the photos by clicking on the photos or the round button selectors at the bottom.

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